Research areas

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2013 Research and Development Project Manager postgraduate study, College of Banking, Poznań
2012DSc degree - habilitation colloquium, University of Life Sciences in Poznań
2003PhD degree in agricultural sciences in the field of food technology and nutrition - doctoral studies, Agricultural University of Poznań
1998Master of Science degree in engineering, Agricultural University of Poznań

2017-nowFull Professor, Dept. of Gastronomy Sciences and Functional Foods, Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Poznań University of Life Sciences
2015-2017Associate professor, Dept. of Gastronomy Sciences and Functional Foods, Faculty of Food Sciences and Nutrition, Poznań University of Life Sciences
2013Research Fellow, TOP500 Innovators: Center for Executive Education Haas School of Business and Department of Bioengineering, University of California Berkeley, United States of America
2007Research Fellow, Centre for Plant Research, Faculty of Land and Food Systems, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
2004 - 2015Adjunct, Deptment of Food Technology and Human Nutrition, Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Poznań University of Life Sciences
1999 - 2004Research assistant, Dept. of Food Technology and Human Nutrition, Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition, Agricultural University of Poznań
1997 - 1998English language teacher, Primary School No. 52 in Poznań

The issues of my previous and current scientific interests include the following thematic groups:
  • obtaining and characteristic of biologically active components of plant origin (e.g. tea Camellia sinensis, stevia Stevia rebaudiana, chokeberry fruits Aronia melanocarpa);
  • antiradical potential analysis of plant origin components and food products;
  • antioxidative activity of plant origin components in model lipid systems: bulk oil and emulsion;
  • lipids oxidative stability and application of new antioxidants sources in its oxidation process inhibition;
  • food design - recipe and production technology development of food enriched with plants components exhibiting specified and targeted activity and health promoting value;
  • functional food market and its application in diet therapy possibilities, as well as diet and lifestyle influence on the consumer's health;
  • food safety requirements - gastronomy facilities design and food safety control systems implementation.
Project management
2009-2012Studies on the antioxidant potential of the selected plant's fruit extracts and their participation in shaping the lipid sustainability (2PO6T 057 29)
2005-2008 Evaluation of the antiradical activity of plant origin compounds and their ability to stabilize the lipids in food (N N312 374537)
Principal investigator of the project
2013-2015Stevia rebaudiana as a diversification alternative for European Tobacco Farmers to strengthen the European Competitiveness.
2011-2012Business Innovation Opportunities - Life Improvement and Food for Elderly - CREATOR.
2009-2015New bioactive food with designed health-promoting properties (POIG.01.01.02-00-061/09)
2010-2013Natural hormonal replacement therapy based on the selected leguminous crops seeds and cereal bran (N N312 121039)
2010-2013Assessment of the safety of fried potato products available on the Polish market and attempts to limit the formation of harmful substances during production, storage and use in the catering and the household (N N312 265738)
2010-2013Thiamine stability characteristics in the presence of selected functional components of the food and fat products (N N312 241638)
2009-2012Improvement of the antioxidant status of convalescents organism recovering from acute coronary syndrome through the implementation of the diet with high antioxidant potential DAOX (N 312 245436)
2007-2010The kinetics of phytosterols oxidized derivatives formation in model systems and functional foods with increased contents of plant sterols (N312 071 32/3209)
2006-2009Obtaining the mutants of yeast Phaffia rhodozyma capable of astaxanthin overproduction and evaluation of the antioxidant properties of received carotenoid pigments (2PO6T 024 30)
2006-2009Effect of antioxidants from plant extracts on the degree of lipid oxidation and quality formation of selected meat products (N312 025 31/2049)
2005-2008Assessment of the possibilities to use products prepared from dried oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus and shiitake Lentinulla edodes in the nutrition of people with hyperlipidemia and vegetarians (2PO6T 080 29)
1999-2002Methodical foundations of a comprehensive valuation of new generation food quality and safety - application of chemometric methods for complex quality assessment of food enriched with natural antioxidants (PBZ-KBN/020/P06/1999)