International conference organizing by Poznań University of Life Sciences, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology,  Poznań, Poland. The conference will be delivered in a hybrid event format, combining personal participation in the conference with online participation.

The conference has been moved.

New conference date: June 1-3, 2022.


The aim of the conference is to present and share the experiences and research results in forestry and wood science under climate change. The conference will cover the following themes:

temat_1.jpg1. Sustainable forestry in a changing environment

  • Threats to forests and forestry resulting from global climate change (insect outbreaks, fires, severe weather phenomena, epiphytosis) and the possibilities of preventing these changes
  • Anthropopression (environmental pollution, deforestation, overexploitation)
  • Mitigation of global climate changes by managing the forest and increasing forest areas
  • Invasive species – by-product of globalization (prediction, control)
  • The role of disturbances in the formation of multifunctional forests - possibilities and limitations


2. Challenges in wood science

  • Impact of climate on wood formation and wood properties
  • Wood in bioenergy
  • Green building
  • Bio-friendly wood protection
  • New technologies in wood-based materials (biocomposites, nanomaterials, packing)

3. Ecosystem services provided by forest ecosystems


  • Protection of biodiversity – maintenance of wildlife habitat
  • Carbon storage
  • Social and cultural benefits: education, recreation, traditional non-wood resource uses and spirituality
  • Forest in the time of a pandemic


Participation mode

  • Oral presentations: the time for oral presentation is 12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions.
  • Poster presentations: the posters should be prepared by applying Stand A1 (841×594), vertically oriented. We ask Authors to do short (3 min.) oral presentation about the aim of the work.

Conference language: English.


The conference is co-finansed within the framework of Ministry of Science and Higher Education programme as "Regional Initiative Excellence" in years 2019-2022 (project numer 005/RID/2018/19) and programme "Perfect Science" (project numer DNK/SP/463330/2020).