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Instructions to authors:

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  • Polish Entomological Monographsis an international journal, published by the Polish Entomological Society, which publishes monography type papers which are devoted to all aspectof entomology (systematics, taxonomy, morphology, bionomics, ecology, biodiversity and zoogeography) from all over the world.
  • Papers should be written in English. Authors are urgently requested to have their manuscripts checked for linguistic correctness before submission.
  • The electronic version of the text and illustrations should be submitted on a PC-compatible CD/DVD disc to the Editor. Use only MS Word compatible word processors working in a Windows environment (.doc, .docx format) and convert text to (.rtf) format.
  • All manuscripts will be reviewed by the Editor and two independent reviewers in order to guarantee the quality of the papers. Based on their reports the Editor decides whether a manuscript shall be accepted for publication.
  • Contributions should be presented as follows: title, authors, institutions, address, contents, abstract, text and bibliography. A Polish summary is not necessary. Incase there are any doubts, please check previous issues of themonograph. Manuscripts which do not comply with these rules shall be returned to authors.
  • Text is requested be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, 1.5 - line spacing. Please use italics for generic and species names, and avoid bold letters, footnotes and complex tables. Mentions of captures should be made in this way: country (when pertinent), province (or equivalent administrative unit), locality, date and in parenthesis collector. Dates must be given as 10 VIII 2015 (days and years in Arabic and months in Roman numbers). All the names of taxa mentioned in the text, both well established and new ones, must conform to the current norms of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. References in the text should be cited alphabetically as: (BUSZKO 2015) or BUSZKO (2015), (BUSZKO & NOWACKI 2015) or BUSZKO & NOWACKI (2015), (BUSZKO & al. 2015) or BUSZKO & al. (2015).
  • All submitted illustrations must be of high quality:
    - blackand white line drawings and half-tone illustrations are referred to as "Fig."
    - photographs are best submitted in their final size are referred to as "Phot."
    Computer version of the illustrations and photographs submitted with the manuscript should be saved in JPG or TIFF format of at least 600 dpi (not interpolated or compressed).
  • Manuscripts must include a bibliography of those publications cited in the text. References should belisted alphabetically as follows: author, publication year, title of the paper or book and the title of the journal should be cited full, indicating volume, numberand pages, for example:
    LÖBEL H., KAITER G. 1989. Zum Vorkommen und Lebensweise von Episema glaucina (Esper, 1789) in Thüringen (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Nota Lepidopterologica, 12 (1): 19-20.
    RONKAY L., YELA J.L., HREBLAY M. 2001. Noctuidae Europae, vol. 5, Hadeninae II. Entomological Press. Sorø, 452 pp.
    NOWACKI J., FIBIGER M. 1996. Noctuidae. in Karsholt O., Razowski J., (eds): The Lepidoptera of Europe. Apollo Books, Stenstrup: 249-293.
  • Papers can be accepted for print subject to prior coverage of print payment or declaring the institution which will be covering the print costs.
  • Authors will be provided with galleys for careful checking of misprints. Only misprint corrections will be allowed, text or style corrections will be charged to author.
  • Authors will receive five copies of the printed monographs free of charge.
  • Manuscripts should be sent to:
    Redakcja "Polish Entomological Monographs"
    Katedra Entomologii i Ochrony ¦rodowiska
    Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu
    ul. D±browskiego 159, 60-594 Poznań (POLAND)
    e-mail: janusz.nowacki@up.poznan.pl
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