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dr hab. Katarzyna Golan
dr Dawid Marczak
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dr hab. Barbara Osiadacz
dr hab. Agnieszka Soszyńska-Maj
dr inż. Karol Szawaryn



Polish Entomological Union (Polish: Polski Zwi±zek Entomologiczny) was founded in Lwów in 1923. It was an immediate successor to the Entomological Section of the Lwów Branch of the M. Copernicus Polish Naturalists' Association that had been operating since 1920. Prof. Zygmunt Mokrzecki was elected the first president of the PEU. From the very beginning of its existence the aim of the PEU was: "a thorough research work, i.e. taxonomy, biology, applied entomology, etc., on insects, especially those living in Poland, and publishing own publications".
In 1923 the periodical Polskie Pismo Entomologiczne (Polish Entomological Papers) started to appear regularly although its first volume had been published a year earlier. Works on own research library started the very same year. In 1925, Poznań-based Entomological Society (founded in 1924) was admitted to the PEU as the associate member, and, in 1935, the first scetion, and the only in the pre-war period, was established - the applied entomology section.
From the very beginning of its existence PEU's history was inseparably tied to the newest history of Poland. Neither the economic crisis of the 1930s nor the tragedy of the WWII spared the Union. However, after the war the Union was brought back to life in Wrocław in 1947. New library was restored in 1948 and new regional branches of the Union emerged a year later (in Poznań, Warsaw and Wrocław).
The advancing communization of the country led to financial and programmatic subjection of the Union to the control of the Polish Academy of Science. Over the next twenty years the official activity of the Union was subjected to the guidelines set up by the successive plenary assemblies of the Polish United Workers' Party and the resolutions of the Polish Academy of Science.
In 1963 the seat of the Union was transferred to Lublin and, in 1967, to Warsaw. In September 1965 the hitherto existing name (PEU) was changed to that of the Polish Entomological Society (after a resolution adopted during the plenary session). In 1969 Biuletyn Informacyjny ( PES News-letter) was published for the first time. The Bulletin was re-named Wiadomosci Entomologiczne (Entomological News) in 1980. The submission to external influence had became more and more relaxed since the 1970s until, during the historic Annual Meeting in 1989, new officers were elected and the editorial boards of the periodicals issued by the Society were changed. The official seat of the Society was moved to Wrocław.
In 1998, in the year of the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the Polish Entomological Union, a Jubilee Meeting of the Society was held in Poznań. At the conference, Poznań was chosen the next official seat of the PES and a number of changes to the Statute of the Society was introduced.

Presidents of the PES
  1. prof. dr Zygmunt MOKRZECKI 1923 - 1936
  2. prof. inż. Aleksander KOZIKOWSKI 1937 - 1939; 1947 - 1952
  3. prof. dr Konstanty STRAWIŃSKI 1953 - 1966
  4. prof. dr Henryk SANDNER 1967 - 1989
  5. prof. dr hab. Andrzej WARCHAŁOWSKI 1989 - 1995
  6. prof. dr hab. Jarosław BUSZKO 1995 - 1998
  7. prof. dr hab. Janusz NOWACKI 1998 - 2010
  8. dr hab. Marek BUNALSKI from 2010 - 2019
  9. dr hab. Paweł SIENKIEWICZ from 2019

Honor Members of the PES



  1. prof. Stefan ALWIN
  2. prof. dr hab. Józef BANASZAK
  3. dr Czesław BIEŻANKO
  4. prof. dr hab. Lech BOROWIEC
  5. dr Bolesław BURAKOWSKI
  6. prof. dr hab. Jarosław BUSZKO
  7. prof. dr Vladimir G.DOLIN
  8. dr Witold EICHLER
  9. prof. dr Sergey M. GILAROV
  10. prof. dr hab. Zofia GOŁĘBIOWSKA
  11. prof. dr Jan HIRSCHLER
  12. prof. dr Tadeusz JACZEWSKI
  13. prof. dr Hieronim JAWŁOWSKI
  14. prof. dr Zsoltan KASZAB
  15. prof. dr hab. Bohdan KIEŁCZEWSKI
  16. prof. dr Bernhard KLAUSNITZER (Niemcy)
  17. prof. dr Jadwiga KOSMOWSKA-CERANOWICZ
  18. prof. dr hab. Jerzy J. LIPA
  19. prof. dr Kauri MIKKOLA (Finlandia)
  20. prof. dr hab. Maciej MROCZKOWSKI
  21. doc. dr Yuri NEKRUTENKO (Ukraina)
  22. prof. dr hab. Janusz NOWACKI
  23. prof. dr hab. Marian NUNBERG
  24. prof. dr hab. Jerzy PAWŁOWSKI
  25. prof. dr hab. Jerzy W. PUŁAWSKI (USA)
  26. prof. dr hab. Józef RAZOWSKI
  27. prof. dr hab. Tadeusz RIEDL
  28. prof. dr hab. Henryk SANDNER
  29. prof. dr Eduard SAVSDARG
  30. prof. dr Kazimierz SEMBRAT
  31. prof. dr Isaak D. SCHAPIRO
  32. prof. dr hab. Wacław SKURATOWICZ
  33. prof. dr hab. Stanisław SMRECZYŃSKI
  34. dr Bogusław SOSZYŃSKI
  35. prof. dr hab. Jan STACH
  36. doc. dr Petr STARY (Czechy)
  37. prof. dr hab. Ryszrd SZADZIEWSKI
  38. prof. dr hab. Andrzej SZEPTYCKI
  39. prof. dr hab. Andrzej SZUJECKI
  40. prof. dr hab. Przemysław TROJAN
  41. prof. dr hab. Andrzej WARCHAŁOWSKI
  42. prof. dr hab. Janina WENGRIS
  43. prof. dr hab. Władysław WĘGOREK
  44. prof. dr hab. Jadwiga ZŁOTORZYCKA

The following titles are published by the Polish Entomological Society: